Eastern Cherokee Treaty Signers

Treaty of Washington, 1816

Cheucunsene  [ Ed. note: Tsiyu-gansini, which translates to Dragging Canoe]

Colonel John Lowry

George Graham

John Ross

Major John Walker

Major Ridge

Richard Taylor

Turkeytown Treaty [Treaty of the Cherokee Agency, 1817]

Beaver Carrier

Big Half Breed

Cabbin Smith

Ch. Hicks




Currohe Dick

Dreadful Water

George Lowry

George Saunders

Going Snake

Ja. Martin

James Brown

John McIntosh

John Walker

Katchee of Cowee



Richard Brown

Richard Taylor

Roman Nose

Sleeping Rabbit


Sour Mush

The Bark of Chota

The Bark of Hightower

The Locust

Walter Adair

White Man Killer

Young Davis

Arkansas chiefs:



James Rogers

John D. Chisholm

John Jolly

John Smith


Spring Frog

The Glass

The Gourd






Treaty of Washington, 1819

Cabbin Smith

Ch. Hicks

Currohee Dick

Geo. Lowry

Gideon Morgan, jr

James Brown

Jno. Ross

John Martin

John Walker

Lewis Ross

Sleeping Rabbit

Small Wood

3 thoughts on “Eastern Cherokee Treaty Signers

  1. Agree about us hearing a word in another language and then trying to write what we heard. For instance, the French founded Mobile in 1702, and gave names to local creeks and rivers. One , the modern name is Sizemore Creek. I found an old french map that has the name of this creek as ” seis mois ” , which was the French at that time for ” sixth month “. English moving into this area later would have heard it as ” size mwa ” , and knowing the English penchant for putting an -re in the place of a French sound ( theatre , for instance ), they wrote the name as Sizemore, a word/name they knew.

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